Boris Johnson insisted no-deal Brexit preparations are on course

Boris Johnson has insisted no-deal Brexit preparations are on course, even though a leaked report warning of drug and food shortages at a no-deal exit.

The prime minister said trainings were”quite far advanced” before the first 29 March deadline.

He added that programs had because”slipped back”, but the UK will be prepared to depart with no-deal if needed.

Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to do”everything necessary” to prevent no offer.

In a speech before, the Labour leader said the leaked record made it”crystal clear how bad things will get” when the UK leaves with no bargain on 31 October.

He added that the escape revealed”turmoil and dislocation” following a no-deal has been”very real and threatening”.

Based on Operation Yellowhammer, the dossier leaked to the Sunday Times, the UK may face weeks of disturbance at its vents after a no-deal Brexit.

And strategies to prevent a tough boundary between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic will probably not prove sustainable, it adds.

Michael Gove, the cabinet minister in charge of no-deal preparation, has stated the study was older and Brexit likely had hastened since Mr Johnson became prime minister.

The BBC was advised that the study was initially noticed by devolved governments before this season.

Speaking on Monday, Mr Johnson said that he was”convinced” that the EU would agree with some new Brexit bargain, but the UK will be prepared to depart without one if desired.

“I am not pretending there will not be any bumps on the street […] but when everyone puts their heads to it, I’ve zero doubt that we can prepare,” he added.

The prime minister has stated he would like to leave the EU using a bargain, but the UK should leave”do or die” at the end of October.

He needs the EU to ditch the Irish boundary backstop program in the bargain negotiated by Mrs May, that has been refused three times from Parliament.

However, the EU has continued to insist on that the coverage – intended to ensure there won’t be a difficult Irish boundary after Brexit – needs to stay and can’t be changed.

A No 10 spokeswoman said that a big majority of MPs had voted to approve the movement specifying that Parliament would reunite on 3 September.

Mr Gove is anticipated to update MPs on no-deal trainings when the Commons returns.

Speaking earlier, Mr Corbyn said a general election was obligated to offer you that the”change of leadership the nation needs”.

He’s sought the aid of opposition MPs to get a strategy where he would be set up as caretaker PM when the government is defeated at a no-confidence movement when the Commons returns from recess in 2 weeks’ period.

The SNP and Plaid Cymru haven’t ruled out their service for the program however, the Liberal Democrats and a few possible Tory allies have stated they wouldn’t support placing Mr Corbyn at Downing Street.