Jeremy Corbyn: Labour antisemitism concerns Weren’t exaggerated

The former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has stated worries regarding antisemitism were not”exaggerated” or”overstated”, as he had to solve the dispute that resulted in his suspension from the party.

Corbyn was suspended after asserting in his answer to some damning Equality and Human Rights Commission report that the difficulty was”dramatically overstated”.

He advised the celebration: “I regret the pain that this dilemma has led to the Jewish community and might want to do nothing which could exacerbate or prolong it. To be clear, worries about antisemitism are ‘exaggerated’ nor overstated’.

“The point that I wanted to create was that the great majority of Labour party members remained dedicated anti-racists profoundly opposed to antisemitism.”

Corbyn said that he was thankful to the”many thousands of Labour party members, trade unionists, and fans in Britain and across the world, who’ve provided their solidarity” and”I hope this thing is resolved as rapidly as you can”.